• PLANETS (Planetary Learning that Advances the Nexus of Engineering, Technology, and Science) is an interdisciplinary and cross-institutional partnership between Northern Arizona University's Center for Science [...]

  • Infographics are delivery mechanisms of visual data for the fast-read target audiences of today. Infographics have become the norm. They now take all shapes and [...]

  • FoodAware homepage screenshot

    FloodAware is the outward-facing information portal for a grant-funded project at Northern Arizona University whose goal is to "Develop Smart City technologies for urban flood [...]

  • F4R™: FEWSION for Community Resilience™ Curriculum Textbook

    FEWSION for Community Resilience™ (F4R™) is an iterative participatory process that leverages supply chain data science to build systems thinking and systems management capacity in [...]

  • Bringing polish and consistency to this complex set of instruction guides. The Power of Data (POD) Project is a Science Foundation Arizona-funded grant project at [...]

  • Bring polish and consistency to this complex-topic's website? No problem! One of several collaboration projects with Professor Ben Ruddell of Northern Arizona University, the FEWSION.us [...]

  • Today, reports include a "system" of deliverables that include electronic files for infographics and PowerPoint templates. Wine Study - left to right: survey instruments, one [...]

  • Rising to the challenge of showcasing a series of projects that will continue to grow... This website for the NAU's Computer Systems Informatics Laboratory (CSIL) [...]

  • An academic research-based website... geoinfotheory.org, a website for Information Theory, is a repository of research and events related to the resurgence of interest in this [...]