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One of several collaboration projects with Professor Ben Ruddell of Northern Arizona University, the FEWSION.us project website was ready for a Refresh. The theme initially installed by the pre-tmsr Design Delivery provider was aging and its page builder was failing. The 2020 Refresh included an out-with-the-old and in-with-the-new with a free theme and a revisit of the user experience to continually meet today’s needs.

tmsr Design Delivery is not necessarily a fan of “free” but in consideration of this grant-funded project, we wanted to contribute to making this site’s needs as evergreen as possible. We used a page builder we knew was solid through hands-on experience over several websites.

FEWSION.us' 2020 refresh - homepage screenshot

Visit the FEWSION.us website HERE.


In 2019, the site was already built but not launched when Dr. Ruddell first approached me. The user experience was not optimal, and he asked me to address the site’s needs.

I polished the presentation, including the use of a pivotal video on the homepage to explain the complexity of the FEWSION project upfront. I then brought consistency to the information throughout the rest of the site so that the user could focus on the content at hand and not be distracted by the interface.

FEWSION.us screenshot

See Dr. Ruddell’s Computer Systems Informatics Laboratory project HERE.

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