Curriculum Textbook

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FEWSION for Community Resilience™ (F4R™) is an iterative participatory process that leverages supply chain data science to build systems thinking and systems management capacity in local communities. This text provides the content, references, and recommendations that are needed for participants to take part in the FEWSION for Community Resilience™ Process.

tmsr Design Delivery was contracted by Northern Arizona University’s Dr. Ben Ruddell of the  School of Informatics and Computer and Cyber Systems and the Center for Science Teaching and Learning to copy edit and design a 28-deck PowerPoint presentation and assemble them in a textbook with additional appendices. The book was prepared for print and eBook (.epub and PDF) format. The effort included researching the best-fit Print on Demand vendor and assuring that the files met their specifications. The final stage was to deliver the curriculum’s resources via the website.


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