Friends of the Rouge

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Friends of the Rouge is a nonprofit in Michigan whose mission is to promote restoration and stewardship of the Rouge River watershed and has been doing so for 30 years. Three years after the launch of the responsive website, this user experience needed to be addressed again. We started with the homepage’s hero area, introducing a slider that handled mobile devices in a superior way to its slideshow predecessor.

Visit Friends of the Rouge’s website HERE.

Friends of the Rouge Update 2020
after – 2020

Previous Update by tmsr Design Delivery – 2017

tmsr Design Delivery worked with the busy staff to meet their timeline at the level of involvement they needed. As we launched, we empowered their staff to take over site development with tmsr Design Delivery in the wings for consulting on an as-need basis.

Friends of the Rouge screenshot

Pre-tmsr Design Delivery

The website was lagging far behind in user experience. Not only was a responsive site overdue, but the overall content delivery needed a revamp.

Friends of the Rouge website screenshot before renovation