The NARBHA Institute

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The NARBHA Institute is an evolving institute whose mission is to advance wellbeing in northern Arizona by inspiring hope, energizing coalitions, and amplifying diverse voices.

In 2020, tmsr Design Delivery moved the site from Joomla! to an HTML5 site.

The change called for a content sweep which brought about a re-design in structure to improve user-friendliness. The Leadership Team, spearheaded by President and Chief Executive Officer, Mary Jo Gregory, found the process to be insightful – and yes – enjoyable!

Visit their website here.

2020 Site to HTML5

2016 Site in Joomla!

The NARBHA Institute

In mid-2016, tmsr Design Delivery provided a brochure site to clarify that mission on the web while they complete their exploration of how this mission will demonstrate itself in action.