• F4R™: FEWSION for Community Resilience™ Curriculum Textbook

    FEWSION for Community Resilience™ (F4R™) is an iterative participatory process that leverages supply chain data science to build systems thinking and systems management capacity in [...]

  • The Create Stunning Presentations certification is part of an Adobe Creative Skills Series. This professional design software awards a badge for demonstrating just a [...]

  • Visually compelling communications in print, clean and sophisticated, even with little turnaround time. These postcards were created for Northern Arizona University. © 2003-2017 Northern Arizona [...]

  • Brochures help tell your story This Entrepreneur program gatefold brochure had the demand of appealing to multiple target audiences: prospective students, their parents, and diverse [...]

  • You have one minute to tell your story. What to do? Tell it in video. A picture says a thousand words, but a video tells [...]

  • Event materials create branding for the event itself. These materials were created for Northern Arizona University, a grand opening event. Left to right: square-format invitation [...]

  • Prospectus 16-pages + Cover for Donor Outreach

    3 weeks from hire to delivery