• The short story? A friend asked and tmsr Design Delivery delivered.

  • Frog and Horse business card collage

    What a fun project this was! The client tapped her 'Inner Designer' from college days to collaborate with tmsr Design Delivery on this wordmark and [...]

  • F4R™: FEWSION for Community Resilience™ Curriculum Textbook

    FEWSION for Community Resilience™ (F4R™) is an iterative participatory process that leverages supply chain data science to build systems thinking and systems management capacity in [...]

  • What a fun and "retro" way to keep in touch with your inner circle! Tap on an image to expand to full size.

  • Andersen CPA's cannabis brochure and business card collage

    A long-time client, Andersen CPA needed a brochure and business card developed for a conference that was only three weeks away. The conference would provide [...]

  • The Create Stunning Presentations certification is part of an Adobe Creative Skills Series. This professional design software awards a badge for demonstrating just a few [...]

  • Bringing polish and consistency to this complex set of instruction guides. The Power of Data (POD) Project is a Science Foundation Arizona-funded grant project at [...]

  • Business Card Collage

    tmsr Design Delivery takes great care to extend the visual identity of our client's web presence into their business cards.

  • Today, reports include a "system" of deliverables that include electronic files for infographics and PowerPoint templates. Wine Study - left to right: survey instruments, one [...]