Adventure in Iceland

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June 16–June 25, 2022 A Pandemic Re-schedule to a Land of the Midnight Sun

Trying to share this experience… A culture that doesn’t regulate their activity with the rise and fall of the sun and moon. Endless waterfalls aka ‘foss.’ Just when you think you’ve seen an amazing foss, then the next, and then the “Niagra” and then leveling up several notches on the “Niagra.” Sheep. And horses. And wild swans. Lupin, covering the terrain. People who spoke four languages as the norm. My first REAL Whale Tale off Húsavik. Grimsey Island on the Arctic Circle on the Solstice. The [Ocean Bingo] Atlantic Puffins. The Icelander, a fisherman who spent his entire life there, proudly showing us the marker indicating his half of the Island. Wind. Always the wind although there was wind and there was WIND. The familiar – volcanic lands and sulfurous “geysir” terrain, although NOT the water! Geothermal energy – harnessed and unharnessed – experienced in and outside of hot baths. My first glaciers. Basalt columns – while observing them on Day 1 as I took my son’s photo, I was almost swept out to sea by a Sneaker Wave. The second occurrence for me, the first being 1986 on the California Coast. I am still here to tell these tales and share my Journey with you. I hope you enjoy these snapshots, none of which do the Real Thing justice.