The Chase Series

Children's Series

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This is a space to share the electronic version of my books as they evolve with family and friends! My hope is that you can enjoy them yourself just for what they are or with the children in your life. The intended audience is 2-6-year-olds.

Next book in the making: Chasing the Long Necks Across the Savanna

The cast of characters in The Chase Series

The Introductory Book: Chasing the Moon and the Morning Star 052721 | Activity Pages

Chasing Jupiter and Beyond 091221 | Activity Pages

Chasing Dawn and the Sands of Time 081621 | Activity Pages

Chasing Dusty Across the Divide 091221 | Activity Pages

Chasing the Dragon Over the Wall 111921 | Activity Pages

Chasing Sounds Under Antarctic Plains 031722 | cover | Activity Pages

Chasing the Clever Lizard’s Tail 070522 | cover | Activity Pages

Chasing the Ebb & Flow of the Tide 111822 | cover | Activity Pages

Chasing the Magic of Andean Skies 083023 | cover | Activity Pages

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