Burt Gershater

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Burt set his 2014 website in motion with the idea that he would add many articles and grow his product list. His web designer thus set up a WordPress CMS for him to do his content work. As is often the case with small entrepreneurs, though, Burt was challenged to find that time.

Asked to renovate the site in 2021, tmsr Design Delivery flushed out Burt’s goals as they stood now. They decided to simplify the technology, creating a low-to-no maintenance HTML5-driven site. The site is modern, mobile-friendly, and showcases Burt’s services in scaled-down pages to get to the point. Awaken YOUR Inner Hero™ by contacting Burt!

After: A “static” HTML5-built website

Visit Burt’s website HERE.

Burt Gershater's homepage After renovation

Before: A “dynamic” WordPress-built website

Burt Gershater's homepage Before