Bead of the Month Club

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Cocopah, a jewelry and bead concern in Tlaqupaque, Sedona is one of tmsr Design Delivery’s oldest clients, starting with us for their e-commerce website in 2003. Over the years, we’ve taken the site through updates as the standards on the web changed.

In 2014, the site needed a major upgrade of their e-commerce software – yet again. This set in motion their third renovation through tmsr Design. Launched in May 2015, this new site offers a fresh, responsive design and full e-commerce compliance. We continue to maintain their site with its bead and kit of the month features.

tmsr Design also sends a monthly e-mail blast to their subscriber base to drive shoppers to Cocopah’s monthly specials utilizing the MailChimp platform.

Visit their website here.

Earlier website renditions for this long-time client…

Cocopah's Bead of the Month Club's renovation