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Masterchorale of Flagstaff (MCF) was seeking assistance to freshen their website. Their goals included attracting not only sponsors and advertisers, but the general audience to their concerts as well and hoped to broaden that appeal. They wanted to add functionality to their WordPress site with a Member’s Only information area, integration with PayPal so that members could pay their dues, and an online Advertisement order placement system including its PayPal options.

As part of evaluating their audience and the template that would best fit their needs, tmsr Design Delivery felt this website was not about the visual experience as much as the ability to hear MCF. This is what they are “selling.” tmsr Design Delivery implemented a template intended for Musicians with features that showcase their backstories, albums, and concert events/buy tickets that included simple integration for audio tracks. It was easy to apply these features to what MCF was all about.

As if often the case, as the potential for the new site/functionality unfolded, so did,” Can we do this, then?” and tmsr Design Delivery accommodated their unfolding vision.

MCF is working to create good sound-quality audio tracks because they share tmsr Design Delivery’s vision for it, but have not been able to do so as of launch. In the meantime, based on tmsr Design Delivery’s recommendation, they created a YouTube channel and added videos from previous concerts. They will focus on gathering not only video experiences of their concerts in 2015-2016, but quality audio as well to post to the site.

Another wonderful client to work with. This is what we are in it for!

Visit the Masterchorale of Flagstaff’s website HERE.

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