Master Chorale of Flagstaff

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The Master Chorale of Flagstaff is an auditioned adult community chorus comprised of singers of all ages and occupations from Flagstaff and surrounding communities.

tmsr Design Delivery has evolved their website presence since 2015 with a minor update in 2018 and then our 2019 full-experience renovation.

This update not only called for a fresh theme, but one that was mobile-first, including the three-bar (aka hamburger) menu for all versions of the site, desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. This current trend is a reflection of Google’s priority of mobile-first. This is not tmsr Design Delivery’s first go at using this trend in main menu navigation, but it was the first for a site whose target audience is a more mature user group.

Visit Master Chorale of Flagstaff HERE.

See what you think… The After 2019…

Master Chorale of Flagstaff website homepage after 2019 renovation screenshot

The Before in 2015 (with a minor update of the palette in 2018)…

Master Chorale of Flagstaff website homepage before the 2019 renovation screenshot

The Before THAT in 2015…

Master Chorale of Flagstaff (MCF) was seeking assistance to freshen their website. Their goals included attracting not only sponsors and advertisers, but the general audience to their concerts as well and hoped to broaden that appeal. They wanted to add functionality to their WordPress site with a Member’s Only information area, integration with PayPal so that members could pay their dues, and an online Advertisement order placement system including its PayPal options.

And the site, as tmsr Design Delivery met Master Chorale in 2015…

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