Fabric Maven

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Fabric Maven, an online fabric vendor, has been with tmsr Design Delivery since 2013.

For 2017, we moved to WordPress and a simpler customer interface.


For 2015, we made a major move from the previous e-commerce vendor to Volusion. With this move, we provided a fully-responsive website. In 2017, the client decided that he wanted a product-catalog only, no longer needing the e-commerce aspect of the site. tmsr Design Delivery made the move to a WordPress-driven website with a similar look and feel.

This client continues to be a joy to work with and the 2017 outcome was another win-win for all involved.

Visit Fabric Maven’s website HERE.

Earlier iterations of the website… 2015’s update:


2013’s renovation:

Fabric Maven After screenshot

Before Fabric Maven came to tmsr Design Delivery…

Fabric Maven After screenshot
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